Get your commercial customers to recommend you to new clients in the B2B market

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Writing a testimonial is harder when the person asking has offered no guidelines, questions to answer, or suggested a place to post your testimonial.

You may feel you don’t have sufficient time to write a quality testimonial or aren’t sure how to get started. Instead of procrastinating, give the T.E.A.S.E formula a try. It will help you write an engaging testimonial just like a pro.

Tactful - Write a fitting and considerate testimonial. Keep in mind that the person who receives your testimonial would like to show it to others.

Emphasize - Highlight the strengths or positive experiences you’ve had using a specific service or product.

Authentic - Provide a way for people to contact you to verify that you are the one who provided the testimonial.

Short – Keep your testimonial short and sweet. Even if you like everything about a service or a product, just write about the most important aspects of the service or a product. Get straight to the point.

Engaging - Provide real life examples regarding how the service, product, or person helped you.

Testimonial Examples

"I had an experience the other day where a local plumbing company called to follow up on our review I posted for our accounting software vendor. I realized the impact Endorsewise makes as far as inspiring someone to call a fellow businessman to get more details on a vendor. Without Endorsewise, that information is not readily available" - Brian Nogg, CFO, I-go Van and Storage Co.

"Endorsewise grants immediate benefits to the Greater Omaha Chamber. By offering another avenue of business connections and communication, it increases and encourages the already-proven economic energy and vitality that defines the greater Omaha region. As Endorsewise continues to grow in numbers, the Chamber will be able to enhance connections with our members and monitor reviews we receive, to maintain our high standard of customer service. Endorsewise helps us recruit new members to the Chamber, while building stronger relationships with our current members: with over 3,100 members and counting, it can be challenging to keep in continuous communication and personal outreach. Endorsewise lowers the hurdles for us and opens the doors for those companies without breaking a sweat" - Diane Poots, Director Member Services, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce