Get your commercial customers to recommend you to new clients in the B2B market

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Writing a testimonial is harder when the person asking has offered no guidelines, questions to answer, or suggested a place to post your testimonial.

You may feel you don’t have sufficient time to write a quality testimonial or aren’t sure how to get started. Instead of procrastinating, give the T.E.A.S.E formula a try. It will help you write an engaging testimonial just like a pro.

Tactful - Write a fitting and considerate testimonial. Keep in mind that the person who receives your testimonial would like to show it to others.

Emphasize - Highlight the strengths or positive experiences you’ve had using a specific service or product.

Authentic - Provide a way for people to contact you to verify that you are the one who provided the testimonial.

Short – Keep your testimonial short and sweet. Even if you like everything about a service or a product, just write about the most important aspects of the service or a product. Get straight to the point.

Engaging - Provide real life examples regarding how the service, product, or person helped you.