Get your commercial customers to recommend you to new clients in the B2B market

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Customer Testimonials Page is one of the most important pages on your website. Powerful testimonials help vendors to establish trust and credibility with buyers as soon as they arrive at the website.

If you’re currently asking for testimonials, or getting ready to, you probably already have an idea how you’ll get testimonials from customers and share that information. The most important thing is to not waste your or your clients’ precious time. 

Having the process well thought out before contacting the first client will dramatically increase the number of testimonials you get and the positive impact they have on your target audience. 

The best time to ask for feedback is when your client's satisfaction level is at its highest. Here’s the best time to ask for testimonials:

  • Right after a project is successfully completed (Request testimonials from your newest customers first) When you have solved a problem for a customer 
  • When a customer expresses she/he is happy with your work 
  • When a customer says thank you for your work

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Collecting Killer Testimonials from Your Clients: 

  • Ask for feedback to get a testimonial 
  • Set up a questionnaire with no more than 5 specific questions 
  • Send clients a link or form to post their comments (do this through email or use online tools for collecting testimonials such as Endorsewise) 
  • Compile a testimonial from the feedback you receive 
  • Ask for approval from a client to post compiled testimonial on the internet 
  • Include the first and last name, job title and company name to any testimonial you post online

P.S. Make writing a testimonial easy for your customer.

Are you in the middle of testimonial collection process for your business?

For a step-by-step guide to collecting powerful customer testimonials, please request our free e-book - "6 Steps To Collect Testimonials That Attract New Leads and Sales"