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Endorsewise FAQ

Q: Is Endorsewise good fit for my company?

A: If your company sells their products or services to other companies, it is. Endorsewise customers are B2B companies looking to find new clients or suppliers in the B2B market. Endorsewise is the best fit for: hi-tech, software, internet, design, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing and professional services (accounting, legal, architecture) to name a few.

Q. How can I generate warm leads by using Endorsewise?

A: Here is a simple example: Your company provided services to company A, which is connected with 50 other companies on Endorsewise. Company A wrote a positive review on Endorsewise about the experience they had using your products/services. If any of company A’s 50 peers in the Endorsewise network type a keyword in our search engine that matches with your industry, products or services, Endorsewise will suggest your company in the search results as a vendor of choice for company A.

Q: How can I find more clients on Endorsewise?

A: Companies post RFPs (Request for Proposals) on Endorsewise when they want to buy a product or service in the B2B market. We match those requests with suitable vendors in our database. Vendors who are subscribed to this service get a fresh stream of information daily regarding who is looking for their services. (This service is running in closed beta; you can apply here for early access).

Q: How does collecting reviews help my business? 

A: As a marketing tool, reviews are great because they are a personal word of mouth reference. Reviews give your customers the power to publicly share positive experiences they have had with your company, product or service. Customers in the B2B marketplace prefer doing business with companies they know. Letting people know who else has done business with you is a powerful mechanism for generating new leads and sales.

Q: Why would I collect reviews on Endorsewise?

A: Endorsewise makes it easier for you to write, collect and distribute your company’s review online. Endorsewise provides a platform for B2B companies to exchange positive real world experiences they have had with each other. On Endorsewise, your company is part of a robust network of current and future clients.

Q: How do I write a review on Endorsewise?

A: Within your company dashboard on Endorsewise find the “Recommend” tab. Enter the name of the company you’d like to review and simply start writing your review. Learn how to write a great review from our large repository of example testimonials. You can also have one of our professionals assist you.

Q: How do I collect a review on Endorsewise?

A. Collecting reviews can be tough and time consuming. At Endorsewise we have designed an automated process that makes it easy for you to collect reviews from your clients. You can also use our professionals to collect reviews on your behalf. We have a 72% success rate for collecting testimonials.

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