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Screen Time Labs

Screen Time Labs

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Street: Engine Shed, Station Approach Temple Meads
City: Bristol
Postal code: BS1 6QH
Country: United Kingdom
Business: Computer Software

Screen Time started as you might guess, with screens and children. Steve needed a way to reduce the time his three kids used their new tablets that didn’t involve him running a timer, nagging, or even worse, hiding their tablets. The ideal solution had to be simple but reliable – something that could clock their minutes in the background without getting in the way. Plus it had to reward them for managing their time responsibly – because teaching his kids how to manage their time was ultimately what he was trying to achieve.

After searching online, Steve got an itch – a big itch to build something himself. This side-project later became so useful at home that he decided to give it a name and release it on the Play Store for other parents to use. With more and more people writing in about the peace of mind Screen Time brought parents and the motivation it gave their kids to do their homework and help around the house, Steve decided to grow and build Screen Time full time.

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