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Citrix Systems

Citrix Systems

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Street: 4988 Great America Parkway
City: Santa Clara
Postal code: 95054
Country: United States
Telephone: +1 408-790-8000
Business: Computer Software

Powering Digital Transformation

At Citrix, we focus on a single driving principle: making the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access. Anywhere. At any time. And on any device or network.

We believe that technology should be a great liberator. Freeing organizations to push the limits of productivity and innovation. Empowering people to work anywhere and at anytime. And giving IT the peace of mind that critical systems will always be accessible and secure.

That’s why, at Citrix, our mission is to power a world where people, organizations, and things are securely connected and accessible. A place where all business is digital business. A world where our customers are empowered to make the extraordinary possible. We will accomplish this by building the world’s best integrated technology services for secure delivery of apps and data ⎯ anytime, anywhere.

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Testimonials from other businesses

  Reviewer: Apparatus Infrastructure Services, Street Indianapolis, United States - Rate details - Share it
Review: "One of my first hands-on experiences with NetScaler was an upgrade to the latest version of XenApp and XenDesktop. It involved implementing the NetScaler VPX virtual appliance with StoreFront as the system front end. With the upcoming end of life of Citrix Access Gateway, this customer needed the new NetScaler Unified Gateway for remote access to virtual apps and desktops. Of course, they also wanted the newest features and functionality of XenDesktop and XenApp. If I had taken the NetScaler course ahead of time, I believe the project would have gone faster and more efficiently. Frankly, I didn’t have high expectations for the virtual model, but I was pleasantly surprised. The instructor, Rick Townsend, was excellent. It was obvious that he had a lot of real-life, hands-on experience with NetScaler and could answer the tough questions that we threw at him. He also had very good speaking and teaching skills. Overall, I was very happy with the quality of Citrix virtual training. Having taken both types of training, I found that the classroom and virtual formats are equally effective. The NetScaler training was definitely important, both to prepare for the certification exam – which I passed -- and to increase my comfort level with discussing and implementing the product line. First, I found the content on policies very helpful because I had never dealt with them before. Likewise, I didn’t have experience with he global server load balancing capability of NetScaler. Since our sales engineers often lead with GSLB when talking to customers about the advantages of the product, this training was valuable. Previously, I used the wizard to walk through the integration, but doing it manually provides deeper knowledge and understanding. It was a good learning experience that will help me in the future. The virtual lab environment was a great feature of the NetScaler course and helped me get ready to take the certification exam." - Nick Burton Consultant, Apparatus Infrastructure Services. See more at:
  Reviewer: Amnet Technology Solutions , Stamford, United States - Rate details - Share it
Review: "We saw the market shift. Customers are looking to purchase on a consumption basis. They want to buy IT, Voice & Video services on an OpEx budget rather than CapEx, plus they want to reduce the need to hire in-house technology expertise. There are three key market movements: 1) customers are not interested in owning technology assets, 2) they’re not interested in training internal technology personnel experts, and 3) they measure value with ease of use. The customer wants to be consuming services that meet their specific business need, not get involved in the details of managing technology. This drove us to shift to a hosted utility model. Starting as a Citrix Service Provider partner dovetailed perfectly with our established go to market cloud hosting strategy. The Citrix Service Provider partner program enabled us to expand into the hot desktop-as-a-service and MDM market in a cost-effective fashion. Customers are most concerned about security of a remote desktop in the cloud, but want best in class security and performance. NetScaler and XenDesktop meet both, then XenMobile adds a third element. When you put those together, Citrix is best in class. We wanted to lead with the best, but also have simplicity with a comprehensive product offering. With NetScaler security, XenApp and XenMobile now part of an integrated platform, we’re not dealing with multiple technology integrations that have learning curves. We target customers who need mobility, business continuity, at a fixed cost that can meet compliance. XenMobile was compared against two other big players, but the idea that Amnet and Citrix can give the firm one integrated platform, with licensing purchased on a pay-as-you-go hosted model – it was the sum of all parts that became the biggest value. Security, performance and mobility put together in an easy-to-use experience for the users was the driver for the firm’s final choice. When we explained the Xen product line and demonstrated performance and simplicity of the integrated offering, it was a powerful differentiator that really hit home, especially since they have so many mobile workers. The consistency of the hosted desktop experience is important– logging in from any conference room or from home. The users are very satisfied. A hosted remote desktop seems like a simple thing, but it’s very important to the user. Every month we’ve been adding new applications and additional users to their service. What they like the most is the speed at which we can expand and mold the service. The firm went from a startup to 100 employees in just over a year, with tremendous growth planned for the next few years." - Alex Sulpizi, CEO, Amnet. See more at:
  Reviewer: American Structurepoint, Indianapolis, United States - Rate details - Share it
Review: "With the advancement of new technologies and our aggressive growth goals, it became apparent that it wasn’t feasible for us to continue to implement that model at our new locations. To us, the Performance Monitor’s key value is pulling metrics for XenDesktop, NVIDIA GRID vGPU, and presenting IT infrastructure into a single console. This gives us a broad and deep visibility to pre-empt potential issues and, if they occur, troubleshoot the issue quickly. The biggest benefit I see to us, not only as an IT group but as a company, is it just makes us more agile. We can get an office up and running literally within a couple of days to a week, depending on how long it takes to get the Internet connection. Before, we would have to purchase the hardware, have it delivered, set it up, ship it to the remote location, then send a resource to the remote site to have it integrated into our network. There's just a lot more involved with that. I can say this: We've already opened two new offices since we've adopted this strategy and the impact was immediately apparent. It was quicker to get each office up and running, and we spent significantly less in manpower and equipment making that happen. For our company, productivity is paramount, so any time we can make our end users more productive, it essentially equals more revenue. Because our company is built up mainly of engineers, they're all about performance and having access to their systems from virtually anywhere. The performance had to be on par with, if not better than, what they were getting with their local workstation. We actually have a CAD application manager here that's performed benchmark testing for us that confirms our belief that performance has improved. Right now, we can handle up to 16 engineers on one system; we're currently in talks with our partner about expanding the current capacity—basically tripling that. - Adam Martin, IT Director, American Structurepoint. See more at
  Reviewer: Aeronamic B.V., Almelo, Netherlands - Rate details - Share it
Review: “We simply could have replaced the servers, but that would not have improved scalability and continuity. We needed a highly secure and available IT platform, based on proven technology, to enable secure access to applications. Our company operates in a growth market and in a branch with exclusive solutions, so we decided to invest in a new data center and create a secure, highly available and scalable solution. In addition, we upgraded to the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Exchange and Citrix XenApp. We do not have any IT staff so we trusted in the partner´s advice, expertise and knowledge. Virtualization was the key word when building the datacenter for the next five years: expand virtualized applications with Citrix XenApp, virtualize servers with Citrix XenServer and virtualize storage to disconnect hardware and storage from the applications. Our organization has just expanded with an office in Romania. Our virtualized IT environment proved to be easily scalable. Just connecting the office to the network was enough to have IT up and running with secure access to all our applications. We have about 10 employees who need access to critical information from the U.S., and the new network provides this by design: data is centralized and remote access is provided using only a browser that opens a secured connection to the Citrix Access Gateway, after the employee authenticates using a token. After a one-time investment, the price per desktop is exactly the same as before the upgrades. But our employees experience better performance and higher availability of applications and the network, with fewer incidents and higher productivity as a result." - Steffen de Vries, Manager Operations, Aeronamic B.V. See more at:
  Reviewer: Action for Children, Watford, United Kingdom - Rate details - Share it
Review: "It was actually a reliable IT infrastructure, but it was just past its sell-by date. The XP PCs tied people to their desks. We also had a few old laptops that were really clunky, but the reality was that most of the staff were mobile; they were just using pen and paper. It was getting to the point where, if there was no Wi-Fi available for visiting professionals like health workers, they would be reluctant to come to the centre at all. CDW has a really strong team of solution architects, they designed a solution that was cost-effective and met our needs in ways that we couldn’t have done if we’d tried to specify the technology ourselves. Citrix had the most complete, integrated mobility solution. If you can complete a form and have it signed in a single visit, rather than three, the parents really appreciate it. And, the more efficient we can make admin tasks and cut down on travel time, the more time staff can spend face to face with the children and families. Security is hyper-important for us because of the type of information we deal with, We’re hugely confident in the security levels of the Citrix solution. All of the partners we work with – government departments, local authorities and public authority bodies – say ‘Yes, it’s on Citrix, it’s secure. We’re happy to work with that. There’s now recognition in our charity that using photos and videos is a great way to tell a child’s story and to keep a child’s record. It really brings the story to life. Citrix and CDW provided an integrated solution that covered our mobility needs, our security requirements and our need to share information with partners, We could have simply replaced the XP PCs with Windows 7 PCs. The investment would have been about the same, but we chose to do something different. Based on our understanding of how staff really work with the children and families they support, we implemented a solution that is quite innovative. The staff who are using the Citrix solution tell me it’s brilliant, it’s transformational." - Alan Crawford, CIO, Action for Children. See more at:

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