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Community Solutions

Community Solutions

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Street: 125 Maiden Lane, Suite 16C
City: New York
Postal code: 10038
Country: United States
Business: Nonprofit Institutions

Our Mission

We work toward a future without homelessness, in which poverty never follows families beyond a single generation. We do it by helping communities become better problem solvers, so they can fix the expensive, badly designed systems that low income people must rely on every day.

Our Story

Rosanne Haggerty spent 20 years developing affordable housing, but she couldn’t build apartments nearly as fast as homelessness and poverty were expanding. In 2011, she launched Community Solutions with a team of co-founders to find faster solutions by adapting successful problem solving tools from other sectors. Today, we help communities optimize their existing resources to make measurable social change at scale.

In our first four years, our work helped 25 times as many people as our team’s previous twenty years of work combined.

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