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 10 out of 10 based on 19 reviews from other businesses.

Street: 300 Park Avenue, Suite 1400
City: San Jose
Postal code: 95110
Country: United States
Business: Accounting

#1 in customer satisfaction
If your business is on the fast track to growth, the demands on your finance team and your potential to transform your business have never been greater. Elevate your ERP experience and keep moving your business forward. Our best-in-class cloud ERP solution, the only one the AICPA acknowledges as the preferred provider of financial applications, brings you the functional depth to automate complex processes and deliver the insights your organization needs.

And it’s the only solution that’s built to connect with the other best-in-class applications you have chosen for peak performance. Add all that to our unwavering focus on customers that’s made us #1 in the industry for customer satisfaction, and you’ve got the best partner to help you drive growth, instead of merely coping with it.

Why we’re different

Here’s how Intacct can make a big difference in your organization.

- Built for finance. Every R&D dollar we spend is dedicated to innovation that makes the modern financial professional more effective.
- Built for growth. With more automation, insight, and flexibility, you can increase efficiency and drive performance.
- Built for the cloud. Give your team the advantage of a true, modern cloud ERP solution. Intacct is easy to use and works on any device.
- Built for success. On average, our customers achieve a 250% ROI in less than 6-months. It’s no wonder Intacct has the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.
- Built for public companies. Go public with the right controls and accounting and reporting procedures. Then grow with a flexible, scalable, automated system providing real-time insights.

Why we’re better

Discover the reasons why Intacct may be the best option for your business.

-Considering NetSuite
-Replacing Microsoft Dynamics
-Replacing Abila (Sage) MIP
-Outgrowing QuickBooks
-Read Intacct reviews

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Testimonials from other businesses

  Reviewer: Cornerstone Information Systems, Bloomington, United States - Rate details - Share it
Review: "If we were still on our old system, we would’ve needed at least two more finance headcount – at a cost of around $150,000 annually – just to keep pace with the expected growth."
  Reviewer: CRL Consulting Radiologists, Edina, United States - Rate details - Share it
Review: "The Intacct-LarsonAllen solution was leaps and bounds ahead of what we had, and I liked that we could use it without buying, installing and maintaining any software. Making the move to Intacct was easy, and we're enjoying significantly improved financial processes that have us positioned for our next phase of growth without the need to add headcount on our finance team."
  Reviewer: Crossref, Lynnfield, United States - Rate details - Share it
Review: "We’ve streamlined our financial processes across the board, which saves about $45,000 in headcount each year despite our 53% revenue growth and significant transaction volume increase since adopting Intacct. More importantly, we’ve reduced potential errors and liability by having more accurate, reliable financial data about our business in Intacct."
  Reviewer: Evariant, Farmington, United States - Rate details - Share it
Review: "By implementing Intacct’s sophisticated workflows and audit-quality controls, we’re saving around $75,000 each year from reduced auditing and consulting costs."

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