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Fraser Stryker PC LLO

Fraser Stryker PC LLO

 10 out of 10 based on 1 reviews from other businesses.

Street: 409 S. 17th Street
City: Omaha
Postal code: 68102
Country: United States
Telephone: 402.341.6000
Fax: 402.341.8290
Business: Law

Founded in 1898 in Omaha, Nebraska, Fraser Stryker PC LLO is one of the most respected law firms in the region. As we've grown, clients from across the country have discovered that Fraser Stryker attorneys possess the knowledge and experience to handle complex legal issues. Our firm has a strong national reputation for helping companies and multinational corporations protect their assets while pursuing the best opportunities. Our breadth of expertise in practice areas has allowed us to serve clients from a variety of industries.

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Testimonials from other businesses

  Reviewer: Straight Shot, Omaha, United States - Rate details - Share it
Review: Fraser Stryker is a sponsor of Straight Shot and Troy Meyerson is a mentor who spoke on e-commerce law to all of our startups. They all have been so great to work with and are very willing to help out in any way they can. Their commitment to building strong relationships really sets them apart from other firms and we look forward to working with them more in the future.

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